Few today would disagree that organisational survival means being prepared for constant change in a hyper-competitive, connected and increasingly scrutinising world. It makes knowing how to navigate the future an essential part of any leadership role.

However - organisations rarely aim merely to survive, and so the future must be more than just something to be navigated. Using futuring methods - otherwise known as strategic foresight - organisations can identify and evaluate the impacts and opportunities from emerging shifts and disruptive events.

With an ability to "see around corners", leaders can develop their responses: adjust and stay their course, or innovate into new directions. Knowing what to respond to and how to respond is what we call a 'future (re)make'.

make it a confab

A confab brings people together into conversations to exchange ideas, knowledge, experience and views.


The free-flowing nature of confabs allows people to engage freely and broadly over the given topic, opening up lines of inquiry and exploration that are difficult to otherwise achieve.

facilitate for action

With our experienced facilitator, participants are guided to use techniques like games, activities, visual thinking, in addition to discourse, to generate creative and critical thinking.

From their interactions, the participants will learn the skills of iterative exploration, and importantly, develop a list of actionable insights.

how it works

Choose from the short or long format (you can always change the timing to suit after our planning meeting) in the booking options below.

The planning meeting will help us to know who will be attending, your goals for the session and how you want the session to support your wider objectives.

Together we will select the activities and the messaging for the session. Logistical details including timing, location, and equipment requirements will be set and your session will be booked.

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