Whether you are experienced in organisational transformations, or embarking on one for the first time, living in a world that changes constantly and offers few certainties means every transformation is a new proposition. And with the ubiquity of technology, how to be faster to react, faster to market and faster to realise value must always be addressed anew.

Over the next 90 days (13 weeks), I will share a week-by-week schedule of actionable steps for applying skills, mindsets, practices, models and technology to build more efficiency, more reach and more customers, pulling teams together around your organisation's vision and potential for a future (re)made.

Our participants say:

"Well organised and structured information needed for future planning for effective decision making."


"Constantly challenging for people willing to challenge themselves!"


"It was good to rethink my whole business process. It has highlighted areas which we need to revisit. Your sessions always make me think outside the box."


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Our participants say:

"In the past I may have procrastinated over a decision for fear of rejection or disapproval. I have learned to make decisions and gain respect from others whether they agree with me or not."


"The support and the flexibility in the structure encouraged and permitted me to complete the course and still meet my job commitments."


"I found the session very informative in regards to what goes into making a successful business case. It definitely gave me a lot of food for thought and will impact decisions I will make in the future."