The fact is, leadership performance is oriented around a business-as-usual environment. Managing change, disruption and transformations takes a different set of skills.
That's why over 70% of change initiatives fail.

Change Management On Demand allows you to achieve the changes to assure your future performance while managing for stability.

Book a 30-minute slot for those check-in and on the run questions. Need to go deeper? Organise a longer session. Make it a full day so everyone can get on board with your goals.

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How It Works

Once you purchase your time block, it's yours to use as needed.

Using the booking link, you can choose whether you would like to spend the time you have purchased: all at once, or over time; for planned sessions or keep it to use as needed.

Flexible scheduling means you can change when and how long your sessions will run. Please note the minimum notice requirements for making changes.

Before we begin...

Help us to understand your change management needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule my sessions?

Upon completing your time block purchase, you will receive further instructions on how to book a time for your session(s).

Can I purchase more sessions?

Absolutely! Simply buy additional time blocks as often as needed.

How is session time tracked?

We count time in 30-minute increments. Only the time you actually use (in accordance with required cancellation and change notice periods) will be counted.

What if I can't see the time range I want or I'm not sure about the time I need?

There's not much that we can't work around (within normal business practice). Book what you think you want to secure the timeslot and let us know your requests or questions in the comments section. We will be in touch to finalise your booking according to your needs.

Can the time be shared across our team?

Yes. We encourage you to give access to those in your team involved in or impacted by any change initiative you implement or are planning to implement. We assume whoever has a booking link has been given authorisation to use it. We will leave it up to you to monitor the time used.

Tip: you will get better value for money by dedicating time to a structured change program/project.

Can I make changes to my bookings?

Yes, easily. When you make a booking, you will receive a meeting confirmation. In that email is a link for requesting changes.

Please note that there will be no refunds for no-shows and charges may apply for failure to provide sufficient notice of changes. You can see all the terms and conditions on the Meta Management website.

Can I get a refund if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

If you are unsatisfied with your session, let us know what is missing so that we can work with you to meet your needs.